Sunday, February 20, 2011

Full moon and ptarmigan!

 Well, we had quite the interesting week here in the Northwest Territories! There were some massive solar particle ejections this week and that mean aurora!  They hit us on the 17th and 18th, and were supposed to produce huge aurora storms, unfortunately the storms hit around 8am on Friday morning...not that great for photographing the aurora in the day time...blah!

But it turned into a few good nights of a photography because we had a bright full moon! This moon allowed me to photograph Alexandra falls at night. The light from the moon and reflection of light from the snow lit up the whole landscape. There were even a few visible aurora (they,re harder to see with a full moon).  I took 8 photographs at 6 seconds long at ISO 500 and F2.8 and I stitched the photos together for the panoramic...I'm quite pleased with the result!

After weeks and weeks of searching for ptarmigan, I finally found them..oy! There were about 5 that I was aware that I was photographing. Some enjoyed a little camera time and some didn't. But I'm so relieved to finally have my ptarmigan photos!


  1. Wow! Those ptarmigan are cool. I want second ptarmigan pic and the one of him eating the branch...reminds me of Happy Feet.